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tel:+39 06 25 23 06

mail:todesco AT toonz DOT com

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address: Via Sante Bargellini, 4 00157 Roma (Italy)

skype: gianmarco.todesco

Welcome to my web pages. My name is Gian Marco Todesco. I am the R&D director of Digital Video s.p.a., a software company whose products are Toonz (a professional 2D cels animation tool), the Tab (a tool to make animation for the web), Plastic Animation Studio (an iPad app to create animation from still images) and many others.

Sometimes I teach and give conferences. I am a proud member of Matematica e Cultura and matematita.

Since 2012 I am addicted to Project Euler. Now I am trying to quit, but it is hard.

Sometimes I create stuff for the web. In this page I've tried to collect some examples.

A portrait of myself :-) movie: 120-cell movie: Alexander's horned sphere Java applet: kaleidoscope Java applet: just for fun Sand sculptures website: A gallery of algebraic surfaces Java applet: Polyhedra 1.0 image: a Carved Pumpkin threejs: Torus knots movie: an animated birthday card for my niece Lea movie: toruses on the surface of a hypersphere movie: Megaminx movie: Rolling sphere with hinges movie: virtual life scripting presentation movie: Fred, a walking character movie: The Riemann zeta function hmlt5: Elliptic roulettes movie: Homage to Thomas Banchoff Five tetrahedra in a dodecahedron Building a 600-cell A stellated polychoron Tesseract unfoldings Sculpting a dodecahedron