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Tutorials - Tips & Tricks
In this page are listed the tutorials available for our softwares.

You can find two kinds of videos:
- Introductory videos: explaining the main features of a single section of a program.
- Tips & Tricks: usually shorter videos, they explain how to achieve a certain result or accomplish a given task.

Here below are listed different sections identified by grey bars.
- Click on each bar for expanding its contents and access the related videos.
- Click on the miniature of a video to open a new quicktime player tab\window, and watch the tutorial on line.
- Click on the download icon, at the right of the video icon, download a .rar file, save it and watch the tutorial later.

Due to their structural similarities and to that the same tasks are done in the same way in the two programs the tutorials for Harlequin and Bravo are presented in the same list and a small icon    , next the title of a clip, signals that the content of the tutorial is suited for both Harlequin and Bravo.

Note: if you don't have the right plugin for viewing the tutorials and you don't want to install it in your browser, you can download the video files and watch it in any player supporting .mov files (like VLC).

  Toonz Harlequin & Toonz Bravo Tutorials