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Story Planner Curriculum
The Story Planner Curriculum is a detailed guide for training purpose based on Story Planner PRO, a powerful tool to create storyboards.

The guide contains the following section:

  • Introduction to storyboard creation
  • Cinematography theory
  • Digital Storyboarding technics
  • Exercises with sample material of Story Planner

It is possible to download only a specific section(PDF or execises), or the whole guide in zip format by using the links below.

The guide can be used both with Story Planner and Story Palnner PRO; the exercises are only Story Planner PRO compatible.

1. Go inside the "exercises" folder and copy file .tsb (e.g. mod_8a.tsb) and select also the realtive folder with the same name.

2. After the Story Planner installation browse your local disk to the folder C:/Story Planner 3.2 stuff/stories and paste the files into this folder.

3. Start Story Planner and load the .tsb files in order to use the scenes.

Story Planner Paperless Workflow Guide
Curriculum PDF

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Full Package
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