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Maintenance Contract

The maintenance contract is available for Toonz Harlequin and Toonz Bravo. It lasts one year during which it offers updates and unlimited support via phone or e-mail.

To have updated information about the status of your contract, you can directly contact

To renew the maintenance, please refer to your dealer.

In order to provide the necessary support, Digital Video might request end users to run specific tests, provide the Toonz support staff with material for running tests, or execute specific operations on the system, that will have the sole task to effectively and rapidly solve the problems encountered by end users. Said tests and actions will have to be reasonable and not requiring major effort of special skills to the end users.

Failure from the end user side to comply with such requests frees the Digital Video Support Service from whatsoever obligation regarding the software incident reported.

Note: Updates received under our maintenance contract are covered for the duration of the contract at the condition specified under the terms of the agreement.