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ToonzScript Code

// Define the Input and Output folders

dir1 = "C:\\Toonz 7.0 stuff\\SCRIPT IMAGES IN\\";
dir2 = "C:\\Toonz 7.0 stuff\\SCRIPT IMAGES OUT\\";
dir3 = "C:\\Toonz 7.0 stuff\\projects\\projectname\\scenes\\";

// Define a new Scene object and load a scene

sc2 = new Scene().load(dir3+"scenename.tnz");
print("examplescene loaded");

// Define a Renderer

r = new Renderer();

// Define the columns you want to render (note that the colums indexes start from 0)

r.columns = [1,4];

// Define a Renderer that render the columns defined in r.columns of the scene defined as sc2


// Save the rendered frames"output..tif");

print("Render of columns 2,6 saved in output..tif");

// View the rendered sequence opening it in a Flipbook window