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ToonzScript Code

//Define the Input and Output folders

dir = "C:\\Toonz 7.0 stuff\\SCRIPT IMAGES IN\\";
dir2 = "C:\\Toonz 7.0 stuff\\SCRIPT IMAGES OUT\\";

// Define a Rasterizer

r = new Rasterizer();

// Create a new level (a) where you load the file name.pli

a = new Level(dir+"name.pli");

// Specify the Horizontal and Vertical size and the DPI values of the Raster level that will be created

r.xres = 1000;
r.yres = 1000;
r.dpi = 72;

// Set the color Mapped option to True to let the Rasterizer to create a Toonz raster level
// if it is set to False the output will be a Full Color level

r.colorMapped = true;

// Rasterize the a level

b = r.rasterize(a);

// Save the rasterized level"name.tlv");

//View the TLV level opening it in a Flipbook window