Which Product?

Digital Video's software products are an answer to the different production needs, and budgets, of animation companies.

The TAB is a more immediate tool for managing small projects. You can draw vector-based drawings supporting variable-thickness lines; create animations with onion-skin and inbetweener features; manage styles and textures with automatic update of colored areas; move the camera in a 3D environment; import and export files from and to other software.

Toonz Bravo is more powerful tool that allows you to manage complex paperless production. Apart from drawing and animate, you can build animation libraries for characters and props; manage palettes with linked styles and smart color models; move and transform animation levels according to the xsheet with full numeric control of transformation; create links and dependencies among pegbars, cameras and table; add special FX chosen from a wide library that includes a 2D particle engine; and render out composited sequences in batch mode.

Toonz Harlequin integrates to the paperless environment described above, the possibilty to have a traditional workflow, where drawings are made on paper, scanned and then painted and composed with the software. Drawings can be scanned by using the scanner paper feeder and then automatically autocentered; colored lines are recognized to optimize the painting job; specific special FX can be applied to raster-based drawings; and the batch render can be performed by using a farm, exploiting the computers on your network.
Starting from the Toonz Harlequin 7 release a new powerful tool Plastic is available making the animation process even more creative; and the useful ToonzScript language adds the possibility of doing even complex tasks in background (like rendering a selected part of a scene).
Moreover Toonz Harlequin is available in different license configurations that can be combined and tailored for you production needs.