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Paperless Animation Workflow

The paperless animation workflow can be implemented both by using Toonz Harlequin and Toonz Bravo, and it allows you to manage a paperless production by following a straightforward pipeline.

The main advantage of this workflow is the ability to keep all the production steps totally in house with no need to subcontract some production steps such as drawing or animation to external studios, an approach that would not be possible for a project of the same size and assigned to the same staff, done in traditional animation.

As a consequence it is possible to have a much tighter control on the final product, both time-wise and budget-wise.

Paperless Drawing: drawings, animation levels and character models are drawn directly in Toonz Bravo.

Library: Elements that will be used in the scenes, such as backgrounds, characters, reference animations and props are prepared and stored in a library. Characters are defined with elements in a linked hierarchy in Xsheet so that are ready for animation; reference animation, such as running or walking cycles, jumping, etc., are prepared to be used when needed.

Storyboard: the storyboard is realized starting from sketch drawings assembled with additional information like shot description, dialogue, music and camera movements.

Note: Stoyboards can be easily created by using Digital Video's StoryPlanner software.

Animatic: storyboard drawings imported in Toonz where, by adjusting timing and camera movements, they are used for defining a videoboard; audio files too can be imported for reference. The videoboard is split so that each cut can be used as starting point for the final compositing of each Toonz scene. As soon as a scene is completed it is loaded in the videoboard to replace the draft version, in this way the videoboard can be used to check the status of that scene production.

Layout: Starting from the information coming from the storyboard sketches and the animatic timing and animations, Toonz scene are created by loading and putting in place elements from the library, while refining camera movements and animation timing.

Toonz layout scenes can be automatically exported from the storyboard and animatic when using Digital Video's StoryPlanner software.

Animation: The Toonz layout scene is loaded and the character animation is refined by modeling character drawings with Toonz tools, inbetweener etc. The scene is rendered for approval and loaded in the videoboarding to replace the layout version.

Special FX: The Toonz animation scene is loaded in order to add special FX, such as blur, glow, color corrections, particles, etc. After a final check, the scene is rendered for approval and loaded in the videoboarding to replace the animation version.

Render: The Toonz scene with the special FX has a final check involving also output settings used for rendering it in the format and resolution you prefer. The scene is then submitted to the render batch list for the final render.