In Story Planner it is possible to choose between different views while working on the storyboard.

Columns / Rows

The columns and the rows views display three panels at a time laid out horizontally and vertically. Any operation can be performed on the visible panels including drawing sketches, defining camera and editing captions.


The thumbnails view displays panels in a grid whose number of sketches per row can be set. This allows an overview of the storyboard scene composition and an easier management of the panel sequence.

Single Panel

The single panel view displays one large panel with a row of thumbnails below; the thumbnails can be hidden by dragging the separator in order to maximize the single panel view.


Available only in Story Planner PRO, the timeline displays on a horizontal track the panels, in order to control the way they will be composed in the final animatic.

Additional tracks are available for the camera and layers animations, and for adding audio clips; in the timeline sketch view, the sketch area of the current panel is available to edit sketches, camera and layer animations, while in the timeline preview view, a preview area is available to check the final animatic before exporting.