New Features

New Features in Story Planner 3.4 ML

Multi-language support
Customize the GUI and let it be more friendly chosing the appropriate language (available languages are: English, French, Italian and Japanese).
Windows 64-bit OS Support
Use a 64-bit-capable computer with a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to dramatically improve the software performace.
Timeline Sketch View
Display the sketch area of the current panel together with the timeline tracks.
Final Draft Import
Import Final Draft files automatically defining the story flow with scenes and panels, and filling the caption areas with the related content.
Panels Merging and Splitting
Selected panels can be merged in a single panel, or it is possible to split one panel in two, automatically rearranging the caption information.
Captions Style Global Formatting
Modify the captions text style globally by defining selectively font, size, style, alignment and color properties.
Temporary Tool Switch
Keep a tool keyboard shortcut pressed to perform a temporary tool selection; release the key to return to the previously selected tool.
Selection Tool Rotation Center
Set the center used when rotating or scaling a drawing selection.
Sketch Area Rotation
Rotate the sketch area of any panel at will, in full screen mode as well, to draw in a more natural way.
Transition Duration Tooltips
Check in a tooltip the exact duration of the transition while you are defining it in the timeline.
Episode Code
Define an episode code that can be used in the printed storyboards and exposure sheets.
Printing Resolution
Choose the printing quality for sketches when printing out storyboards and exposure sheets.
Exposure Sheet Generation
Generate exposure sheets with storyboard information, panel sketches, and camera movements, that can be printed and compiled by animators for planning a 2D animation production.
Timecode Offset
Set a value that is added to the timecode displayed in the timeline views and in the exported animatics.
Episode Code in Animatic
Include the storyboard episode code in the exported QuickTime or AVI animatic.
Scene Timecode in Animatic
Include the scene timecode in the exported QuickTime or AVI animatic.
Animatic Label Position
Choose if the timecode, episode code and scene numbering display has to be placed at the top or at the bottom of the animatic.
Faster Animatic Export
Exporting an animatic is up to 40% faster if compared with previous releases.
AVI Animatic Export
Export the animatic in the AVI file format, choosing the compression codec and the related settings.

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