Unlimited number of panels to describe the story flow
Different panel views available
Quick panel management to arrange them in scenes
Panels merging and splitting
Notes area with custom number of sections and custom titles
Selected and global text formatting
Text import from external applications
Final Draft file import with automatic story flow definition  
Additional sketch areas to use small sketches as notes
Full set of drawing tools including pencil, brush, airbrush and eraser
Sketch area rotation
Multiple custom presets for drawing tools and colors available
Full support of graphic tablets
Traditional look sketching by using raster-based tools
Selection tool to select, transform and duplicate sketch sections
Import external images as sketches
Import Photoshop documents taking into account document layers
Sketch symbols like arrows for movements, or formatted text
Full layer management to compose sketches  
Sketch view over timeline  
Camera and layers animation including scaling, rotation and movement  
Define motion paths for the camera and layers animations  
Ease in/ease out setting to control the animations  
Real-time animatic preview window  
Timeline to edit the animatic and the soundtrack  
Transitions between subsequent shots  
Multiple audio tracks to define soundtrack  
Volume control and audio scrubbing for audio tracks  
Timecode offset value  
Export sketches as image files in PNG format
Create your own printing template layout
Print or export in PDF format according to the set layout
Generate QuickTime, AVI or SWF animatics  
Custom-displayed timeline and scene information on animatic  
Final Cut XML Interchange file export including scene clips  
Exposure scheets generation for 2D animation productions
Export scenes as Toonz scenes to start the full scene production
Include animations and audio track in Toonz export  

New or improved feature in the 3.4 ML release