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New Features

File Management

  • Load Folders
  • From the File menu is now possible to load a Folder. The files contained in the folder will be loaded into the xsheet. It is possible to apply certain Level Settings defining File Formats into Preferences->Loading.
  • Convert Files
  • In the Full color to TLV conversion has been added the Painted TLV from non AA Source Mode. It allows to extract aTLV level directly from a sequence of not antiliased Full Color Images.
  • SVG support
  • The Toonz Vector Level can be converted into SVG files using the Convert pop up. The SVG files can be loaded into Toonz, they are automatically converted in Toonz Vector Levels.
  • Export Level
  • The Export Level Interface has been divided into two pages and a Preview Window has been added in the Export Option Page. In the Vector Export Box the Scale field has bee added to change the exported level resolution, defined by the Camera resolution.
  • Cleanup
  • It is now possible to assign a new name to the cleaned up level when repeating the cleanup process.

Interface and Preferences

  • Unit of measure in pixels
  • Pixels have been implemented as unit of measure available into Preferences->Interface page.
  • Alpha Channel on the first Column
  • It is possible to ignore the alpha channel of images loaded on the first column of the xsheet activating the Ignore Alpha Channel on Level Column 1 into Xsheet page into Preferences->Xsheet
  • Default Levels
  • Scan levels can be set as Defautl level Type into Preferences->Drawing.
  • Thickness 0 lines
  • The Thickness 0 lines can be shown or hidden in Camera Stand.
  • Inks Only
  • The Inks Only check has been added in the View Menu to visualize only outlines of Toonz Levels.

Level Commands

  • Adjust Thickness
  • Modify the Thickness of the lines along the animation of Toonz Vector Levels using the Start and End field. Three Modes are available: Scale Thickness, Add Thickness and Costant Thickness.
  • Convert To Vectors
  • In the Centerline Mode the Enhanced Ink Recognition has been added to allow to directly Convert from not antialiased Full Color levels to Toonz Vector Levels. Also the possibility to Save and Load Settings has been implemented. The convertion parameters can be Shown or Hidden using the new Option Button.
  • Level Settings
  • The Add Antialiasing Option has been added in the Level Settings pop up.
  • Clone Level
  • Allows to assign a name to the cloned level.

Drawing and Editing Tools

  • Brush Tool
  • The Min and Max size of the brush can be changed simply by pressing Shift or Ctrl and dragging the mouse.
  • Selection Tool
  • The Boundary Strokes, Boundaries on Selected Frames and Boundaries on Whole Level Modes have been added to allows to automatically select the contour of a level.

Color Management

  • Custom Textures Palette
  • Custom Textures has been added in the Textures Page of the Style Editor; Available parameters are: Pattern Mode, Automatic and Random position, Contrast , Scale , Offset and Rotation. Custom Textures are fully working on Toonz Raster Levels.


  • Plastic tool
  • The edit Mesh Mode has been added to allows to manipulate the Mesh moving points, swapping and splitting edges and cutting the Mesh. The Snap to Mesh Option has been added to the Build Skeleton Mode. The Animate Mode has been enhanced with the addition of the Angle Bounds Option.
  • Xsheet
  • Pressing Ctrl and dragging it is now possible to select cells and Keys at once. To navigate between columns use the new Left and Right keybord arrowsshortcut.

Special FXs

  • Shader Effects
  • Shaders Effects are special fxs rendered through hardware-accelereted pixel shaders. Shaders are simple programs compiled by a graphics processing unit that harness the massively parallel architecture of modern graphics devices. Toonz's shader fxs are written in the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), and it is possible to edit them or to create new ones.