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License Configuration

Toonz Harlequin 7.1 is available in different configurations, that is to say different licenses at different prices that allow you to perform all or only some specific tasks.

Ink & Paint and Ink & Paint Lite licenses have new features unlocked !! Check the new configurations and remember: if you are covered by a valid maintenance contract you will get the upgrade free of charge and will benefit from the power of the new Plastic Tool and from the removal of some restrictions previously in place. 

    Licenses are the following:

  • Studio > Full version: all features are available
  • Camera & Render > Compositing and scripting features are available
  • Scan & Cleanup > Only scanning and cleanup features are available
  • Ink & Paint > Scanning, cleanup, drawing, painting and animating features are available
  • Ink & Paint Lite > Scanning, cleanup, drawing and painting features are available
  • Render > Only the render farm is available

The following table relates the different features to the different licenses.

Studio Camera & Render Scan & Cleanup Ink & Paint Ink &
Paint Lite
Scanning & Cleanup







Palette Editing







Studio Palette







Color Model







Drawing & Painting














Object Animation














Stage & FX Schematic




Stage Schematic Only



Function Editor







Preview & Rendering







Render Farm



Only Cleanup Tasks Only Cleanup Tasks Only Cleanup Tasks