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New Features

File Management

  • Load as subxsheet
  • From the File menu is now possible to load a selected Toonz scene file and exposing it into the Xsheet as a self contained subxsheet.
  • Convert Files
  • A new integrated interface brings new power to the convert file action. From the File menu, or selecting one or more files from the browser and then opening the context menu, the Convert command opens a floating pane where multiple options can be set: name, frames span, target folder, format of the file and specific options, a background color and more.

Interface and Preferences

  • Fit to Flipbook
  • Setting this parameter into the Preview tab of the Preferences will fit always the whole frame into the actual size of your preview window. In this way even if you pan and zoom inside a preview, the next time you will start the preview of a sequence you will see the picture as framed from the scene camera.
  • Browser
  • Scene levels that are not more available for the current scene are marked with a red label.
  • Link Flipbooks
  • In the View menu the checkbox Link Flipbooks is now available. This options toggles the linked playbak for all the active preview windows.
  • Message Center
  • A new pane is available for the rooms: the Message Center. Here in a list are displayed the messages Toonz is sending to the user. A set of filters let the user determine which kind of messages are displayed.

Level Commands

  • Antialias
  • Add or modify the antialias of a level using the Antialias command from the context menu or activating the option Add antialias into the Level Settings pane.
  • Merge TLV Levels
  • Merge the TLV columns selected in the Xsheet, creating a new TLV level that replaces the selection.

Drawing Tools

  • Polyline creation
  • While working with the Geometric tool drawing Polyline elements is now possible to abort the process pressing the ESC key.

Color Management

  • Color Palette
  • The context menu of the studio palette has a new option: Adjust Current Level to this Palette. Using this option it is possible to reorder the current palette using a specific palette as reference.


  • Plastic
  • A new tool introduces in Toonz the possibility to create a complete animation sequence using a single drawing. Building specific meshes and skeletons structures gives the users the way to make stretching and bending deformations with no need for drawing each pose. Just draw your character, apply the Plastic tool and bring it to life. The Stacking Order and Rigidity parameters give fine tuning on overlapping and non-bending sections. Working on subxsheets and animated levels the tool can easily improve the animations of complex scene elements.

Special FXs

  • Layer Blending FXs
  • Some of the Layer Blending FXs now support multiple sources, in this way it become easier reordering the levels of a scene one on top the other.
  • Despeckling, Color Raylit, Kaleido and Erode/Dilate
  • A group of new effects joins the already consistent list of effects available in Toonz. Adding new functionalities as the erasing of small dirt and scratches, or creating symmetrically designed backgrounds, or generating a raylit effect using the colours of the source image, or modifying the matte of an image.


  • Stereoscopic render
  • Using the z value of the scene elements and the Camera Shift parameter this Render option creates two render sequences (right and left) that can be composited for building a 3d stereoscopic sequence.