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New Features

Image Acquisition

  • Scan File Format
  • In the Preferences it is possible to chose the output format for the scanned images,the supported format are TIF and PNG.
  • BW Scan
  • Scan in Black&White mode saving 1 bit per pixel images. Using this scanning mode time and disk space are saved.

Selection and Management Tools

  • Selection Tool
  • Improved with new powerful options:the Savebox option allows modifying the size of the Savebox for a Toonz Raster Level drawing. The No Antialias option avoids the use of antialias while transforming a selection. And apply a selection transformations to the selected frames of aToonz vector levels.
  • Autorenumber
  • Available in the Cells menu to automatically renumber the selected drawings according to the xsheet frame numbering.
  • Add/Remove Presets
  • In the brush tool option bar allows to save and remove custom brush presets.

Level Commands

  • Color Fade, Brightness & Contrast, Adjust Levels
  • Available in level context menu, this set of commands allows to balance, enhance or modify the color of the selected images.

Cleanup Module

  • Improved Cleanup Process
  • Check the process in the before and after processing preview area, and remove spots and marks from the scanned drawings by using the despeckling option.
  • Improved Colored Lineart Cleanup
  • Set which colors have to be detected in colored lineart drawings, calibrate the line recognition process, set the destination colour and preview the cleanup process in a single panel interface.
  • Morphological Antialias
  • Use the MLAA technique at the end of the Cleanup Process. The antialiasing intensity can be set using the associated parameter.

Drawing and Painting Tools

  • Vector Brush
  • Define a style and apply a Toonz vector image (PLI) flowing along each stroke of the drawing that uses this style, according to the stroke’s shape and thickness.
  • Outline Convert to vector
  • A completely new algorithm traces the outline of your drawings. Adjusting few parameters achieve high quality results even starting from mid-resolution images.
  • Polyline
  • Use is improved using the Ctrl shortcut to toggle between Linear and NonLinear Control Point while drawing.
  • Opacity Min/Max
  • In the raster brush tool option bar allows to calibrate the opacity exploiting the pressure sensitivity.
  • Transparency Check Custom Color
  • In Preferences define a custom color for tansparency check, available both for Ink and Paint.
  • Color Names In Small Chips
  • The Palette’s chips now can show the names of the colors, or thei first letters, even when in small size.


  • Shift & Trace
  • This function can help you in the creation of animated levels as you were drawing on paper with the light table. In fact it allows you to move and rotate an instance of the previous and the next image using them as reference to help you creating an inbetween or a break down drawing.
  • Use Xsheet as Animation Sheet
  • This Preference allows to draw clicking on an xsheet empty column creating a drawing that automatically takes his number from the current frame. When a new drawing is added the previous one is repeated filling the gap. A letter is added to the number if the drawing already exist.

File Management

  • File Browser
  • The list view is now more detailed, giving you more information about the listed files.
  • Export Level
  • New parameters added to define the background color of the exported images and the possibility to remove the antialias from the exportedlevels lines.Also the multi levels export is now supported.

Schematic View

  • Stage and Fx Schematic
  • The automatic arrangement of nodes and their resizing is improved, giving a greater readability to the schematic view.


  • Editable Camera DPI
  • The camera DPI parameter is now editable both in the Camera and in the Cleanup Settings.
  • Use Current Level Settings
  • Click just one button to set your camera to the same size of the the current level both in the Camera and in the Cleanup Settings.