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New Features


  • Optimization for 64-bit OS Version
  • Available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 and for Mac OS X running on Intel processors, Toonz is optimized to work on 64-bit OS version.
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Choose a specific language for the software interface, including menus, commands, tooltips, and on-screen messages. Available languages are: English, French, Italian and Japanese.


  • Subsampling on Selected Columns
  • Apply a subsampling factor at once to all the animation levels, clips and images exposed in selected columns in order to have a faster visualization and playback in the work area.
  • Xsheet Autopan Preference
  • The xsheet autopanning according to the current frame cursor position when the animation is played back, can be disabled in the Preferences.
  • Interface Bar Panning
  • Pan the toolbar, the tool option bar and the viewer bottom bar whenever they are too short to display all the options.


  • Shape Option for Vector Caps and Joins
  • When drawing ,choose the shape for vector caps and joins, and change the cap and join proprerty for the selected vectors. Options are butt, round and projecting for vector caps, and miter, round and bevel for vector joins.


  • Reset Step Command
  • Remove any animation step in the selected cells, preserving the order of the exposed drawings.
  • Increase/Decrease Step Commands
  • Use the Increase Step and the Decrease Step commands to increase or decrease the animation step of the selected cells by one unit.
  • Movement along Motion Paths Linked to Control Points
  • Link the key positions of the objects along the motion path to the positions of the control points defining the motion path, so that they remain consistent when the motion path is edited.
  • Similar Shape Interpolation
  • Base the interpolation between key values on the shape of the curve you specify as reference, so that whenever the reference curve is edited, the segment will change accordingly.

FX Schematic

  • Exploded Sub-xsheet Displayed as a Group
  • When a sub-xsheet is exploded, its columns and the related FX nodes are displayed as a group in the FX schematic in order to better retrieve them.
  • Editable Groups of Nodes
  • In the FX schematic, when the content of a group of nodes is displayed, it is possible to edit the links between group nodes, and links with nodes outside of the group.

Special FX

  • Gadgets in the Work Area Available for More Special FX
  • Define FX parameters related to positions or dimensions with gadgets available in the work area by using the camera box and the scene elements as reference.
  • Cached FX Preview
  • Cache the preview up to a specific node, so that the result of the compositing up to that node is stored in the computer memory and will be reused with no need to recompute it the next time the preview is run.
  • Unit of Measure for FX Parameters
  • Positions, distances and sizes in FX parameters can be expressed in several units of measure, including inches, millimeters, centimeters and fields, and are automatically converted in the chosen default unit.
  • Control Image Available for More Particles Parameters
  • Use images to control, according to the image brightness, several particle parameters.
  • Mosaic Special Effect
  • Turn images and animation levels in a series of tiles according to the specified size and distance: the color and transparency of the tiles are sampled from the source content.


  • Audio Scrub Available in the Viewer
  • Use the current frame cursor in the viewer framebar to scrub the soundtrack you define with audio clips.


  • Improved Rendering Speed
  • Both the local and network rendering has dramatically improved thanks to new algorithms.
  • QuickTime Output for 64-bit OS
  • QuickTime output available also for Windows and Macintosh using a 64-bit OS version.
  • Render Chunk Size Option
  • Set the default size of chunks a render task is divided into when distributing the rendering job in the Toonz render farm.
  • Show Info in Rendered Frames Option
  • Include information about the scene name and the frame number in rendered frames.
  • Toonz Vector Level Export
  • Export vector levels as sequences of image files in different file format, including Retas.

File Management

  • Flipbook Loading Box
  • Define a box, smaller than the size of the loaded image sequence, that will limit the portion of the images that will be displayed in the flipbook, in order to speed up the loading time and increase the playback speed.

Feature available in 6.3 ML only