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Toonz 4.6
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Hardware Requirements

Toonz runs under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, IRIX and Linux.

Windows NT/2000/XP Platform

  • Workstation with Intel Pentium II or higher processor
  • Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 128 MB RAM minimum
  • 65536 color or higher graphics board display supported
  • SCSI and Ethernet ports

IRIX Platform

  • Any SGI workstation
  • Irix 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5
  • CPU: MIPS R4000, R4400, R4600, R5000, R10000, R12000
  • 96 MB RAM minimum for video, 128 MB RAM minimum for film
  • Any Graphics (24 bit)

Linux Platform

  • Workstation with Intel Pentium II or higher processor
  • Red Hat Linux 7.2, 7.3
  • 128 MB RAM minimum
  • 65536 color graphics board display supported


New color scanners directly supported by Toonz 4.6.

  • Epson color scanners*
    • A4 format
      • GT-6500 aka ES-600C
      • GT-7000 aka Perfection 630
      • GT-7600 aka Perfection 1200
      • GT-7700 aka Perfection 1240U
      • GT-8000
      • GT-8500
      • GT-8700 aka Perfection 1640SU **
      • GT-9000
      • GT-9600 aka Expression 800
      • Expression 1600 aka ES-2000
      • Expression 1680
      • Perfection 1650
      • Perfection 2450
    • A3 format
      • Expression 1640XL aka ES-8500
      • GT-10000+ aka ES-6000H
      • GT-12000 aka ES-8000 aka Expression 836XL
      • GT-30000 aka ES-9000H
  • Ricoh A3 format color scanners
    • IS 330DC **

  • Fujitsu A3 format
    • FI-4640S **

*Epson scanners at the moment are not directly supported under Windows 2000 due to an OS bug.

**Scan 4.6 SP1 needed for full support of these scanner models. Please contact for download information.

Any other scanner supported via TWAIN drivers

Other directly supported black & white scanners

  • Ricoh suited to mass volume / A3 / ADF
    IS410, IS420 from version 4.1 on
    IS410, IS420, IS430, Aficio IS01 from version 4.2 on
    IS410, IS420, IS430, IS430 Plus, IS450 SE, Aficio IS01 from version 4.3 on
  • Bell+Howell (Ricoh rebranded)
    4000F, 5000F, 6000F, 500FB from version 4.2 on
  • Fujitsu suited to mass volume / A3 / ADF
    M3096 SCSI Family from version 4.1 on
    M3096/7/9 SCSI Families from version 4.2 on

Other directly supported color scanners (B&W also)

  • Hewlett Packard (A4 format)
    HP ScanJet 4C from version 4.1 on
    HP ScanJet 4C, HP6100C from version 4.2 on
    HP ScanJet 4C, HP6100C, HP6250C from version 4.3 on
    HP 6350C from version 4.4 on
    HP 6390C from version 4.5
  • Fujitsu ScanPartner (A4 format)
    300C, 600C from version 4.3 on
  • Sharp JX610 (A3 format)
    Note that this model is actually out of production and it seems that Sharp doesn't produce scanner devices anymore.
  • Avision AV A3 (A3 format) from version 4.2 SP1 on
    AV A3 PLUS (A3 format) from version 4.3 on

Video outputs

  • Networked Digital Disk Recorder via Ethernet (e.g. Abekas, Accom, etc.)
  • SierraQuickframe DDR, HP® 4:2:2 Video Disk Recorder via SCSI connection

Toonz also supports SGI Indy video.

Film devices (such as MGI Solitaire®) are not directly supported, but you can use these devices with third-party softwares.

Graphics Tablets

Most of the graphics tablets are connected to the serial port, so as soon as they are recognized by the operating system, they are also recognized, that's to say supported, by Toonz.

Scanners Detailed Info


Download Toonz brochure in PDF format


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