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Toonz 4.6
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Toonz 4.5

Toonz 4.5 includes the following enhancements.


Toonz gets Flashed!!!

Toonz introduces support for Macromedia Flash™, the popular web-oriented animation software. This new feature, embedded into Inknpaint, allows you to export vectorized Toonz levels directly to the web and will give you the capability to bring a whole level or individual images right into Flash.

Inknpaint has become a powerful vector editing tool
A variety of editing tools for vectorized drawings are now available in Inknpaint: add/remove, link/unlink and move control points plus reshaping capability. Dashed areas give you ability to check the closed areas.

Toonz render now produces Flash .swf files ready to go on the web
Toonz goes beyond the support for Flash format and enables the users to work as they're used to, staying rock solid IN Toonz to deliver for the web.

Flash viewer available within Toonz
No need to go back and forth between Toonz and your web browser:all you need is already there!

Big news for the owners of Ink&Paint licenses
Starting from 4.5, the I&P package has many more features enabled: from embedded Flash support to Special Fx rendering in I&P for checking purposes, and even the ability to run Pltedit.

New configuration introduced: Scan&Cleanup
Starting from 4.5, you can purchase inexpensive Scan&Cleanup seats.

New configuration introduced: Ink&Paint Lite
Starting from 4.5 a lighter and less expensive version of I&P is also available. This version features the same capabilities of I&P 4.4, but without the Scan and Cleanup modules.


New scanner supported in native mode:HP 6390C
The Hewlett Packard 6390C scanner is now supported via internal drivers.


Load Reference Image has been greatly improved
Toonz 4.5 now gives you the capability to load any full color image as reference image with an automatic palette generation. Colors can be picked from bit-mapped images as well, while previously conversion to tzp was needed.


"Dump Object Coords" feature introduced

This feature has been introduced for advanced users wishing to export the object coordinates into a .dat file. The data can be used later on in the numeric columns.

"Freeze" icon introduced in Edit Fx window
The tap of a button will allow easier application of Fx by freezing the swatch update until desired value is chosen.

Xsheet interface more comfortable
The arrow keys now enable the user to move around cels; pressing Enter allows editing of the cel's contents.

Filling columns with images is now faster

This "smart" command "guesses" the sequencing of your animation and fills the exposure sheet up to its current duration in frames.

New Fx added: Sharpen
The Sharpen effect, previously available only as a Global fx, is now also applicable to single or multiple columns.

New 'Refresh" command added in Camera Stand
Especially useful when you modify a level using Inknpaint from within Xsheet.

Render now gives you the option to automatically make local copies of your database, and then remove it after the render is finished

When using a - local_render qualifier, CASM copies all the renders into a temporary directory on the local disk and removes these copies after the render is finished.

New utility in Misc: Enlarge
Makes the .tzu/.tzp images bigger by adding a "frame"(its size is user defined)around the original picture. The center remains the same.

New utility in Misc: Overlap
Merges two .tzp levels (uses the palette of the underneath level)


Building the batch lists is now much easier with the Wizard
The Wizard assists you in preparing batch lists.You can define the file systems to look for, and the Wizard will search all your .casm files. It will add the changesetup commands necessary to go from one render to another.

After direct render to DDR, you can now command the dump of its contents onto tape at user defined timecodes for each scene
This additional feature allows you to render "footage" longer that the maximum duration of your DDR in one night without manual assistance.

Toonz 4.6 New Features

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