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Toonz 4.6
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Toonz 4.4

Toonz 4.4 includes the following enhancements.



  • The Toonz Effects Directory is now user defined
  • New choice in Toonzsetup (NT only) to define the way of supporting scanners


  • New Multicenter feature added
  • Native Toonz support now available for new scanners: the Hewlett Packard 6350C is supported in native mode.


  • Support for multiple centers at cleanup time


  • Pins improved
  • Filmstrip now connected to the Preview window
  • Edit color pop-up improved


  • Studio Palette improved
  • “Add 10 Colors” clicking with the right mouse button
  • Improved Fx settings for Combo Colors


  • The right mouse button menus have been greatly enhanced
  • Fx window improved
  • Special effects now take advantage of Presets
  • Color Wheel made available in Edit Fx
  • Rendered images can be now saved on disk from the Preview
  • QuickTime .mov files can now be saved with any framerate
  • Warp effect enhanced
  • NoInk effect enhanced and renamed NoInk/NoPaint
  • New special effects added: Multi Radial Gradient, Multi Linear Gradient, Light Spot, Directional Light Spot, Colorcard (now can be applied to any column).
  • Splines can now be saved and reloaded as separate entities in Camera Stand
  • 30 > 24 Pull-down and more: Global Time Stretch in output settings
  • Multiply Fx now also provided with “don’t use matte”
  • Smart Load Level
  • New xsheet editing tool: Move Columns
  • Flip now directly available from within the xsheet


  • Multimedia option improved

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