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Toonz 4.6
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Toonz 4.3

Toonz 4.3 includes the following enhancements.


  • The full array of Toonz features in an aggressively priced version for TV
  • The Toonz palettes are now much larger
  • New Mattedit module introduced
  • Color scan and color cleanup introduced
  • You can interactively position the camera with the mouse during Cleanup
  • You can now draw mattes (patches) in Inknpaint
  • Major improvements introduced in the textures
  • Hooks introduced in inknpaint
  • Xsheet has a new improved UI
  • Multi-channel transformations introduced
  • Fx swatches introduced for quick setting of the special effects
  • Many new special effects introduced
  • New image formats supported: Quicktime .mov files, Mac .pict files and Quantel .vpb files.
  • Set Keyframe option added in the Key Frame menu (Camera Stand)


  • You can decide in Setup (Cleanup) the default value to be Top or Bottom pegbar
  • New type of compression introduced for tzu/tzp files: Setup lets you decide the type of compression. Old compression scheme fully supported
  • Setup leaves you the possibility to enable or disable the Onionskin tool in Inknpaint and Pltedit
  • Setup lets you choose what kind of palettes you want to use in your production: 32 inks and 128 paints or 256 inks and 256 paints
  • New Edge Stop Fill option in Setup: allows you to trim the fill behavior
  • New page in Setup for setting up parameters for the new Mattedit module. Also provides defaults for the Makematte utility
  • Default Unit System in Xsheet in Setup now includes mm and cm
  • All the subtypes available for .pict and .mov image files have been added to Setup (see casm subtypes and bgtiler subtypes)
  • You can optionally add a lock (need to press ALT Key) when moving keyframes, columns and cells


  • New scanners supported
    The new scanners supported are the Hewlett Packard models HP 6100 and HP 6250C A4 color scanners and the Avision AV-A3 and AV-A3 Plus large format color scanners. Support for new Ricoh IS 430 and IS 430 Plus and IS 450 large format B/W scanners. Support for Fujitsu Scanpartner 300C and 600C A4 color scanners.


  • The last processed frame in now always visible in the filmstrip
  • New default value of the tzu path inside Cleanup, now the default value of the path for the .tzu files is the same as the .tzi files
  • Cleanup now lets you visualize .tif and .tzi scanned in images
  • New parameter in the Cleanup params window: Rotate, allows you to rotate the image 90°
  • The palette is now available in the Cleanup module
  • New Overwrite Plt command allows to cleanup more than once the same level without overwriting the original palette
  • Cleanup batch speed highly improved on NT platforms

Inknpaint & Pltedit

  • The Undo option is now available for color changes in the palette
  • New Tool introduced: Ink Change Selective and Segment
  • Shortcuts for the palette added
  • Edit Color Window changed
  • Studio Palette completely redesigned
  • New shortcut for the brush size
  • RGBM values added in the Coords window
  • Rect Fill improved
  • The Color Edit popup shows the old color swatch next to the new swatch, allowing much easier comparisons between the old color and the new color.
  • The dimension of the cursor of the "line" tool has been reduced to make precise positioning easier.

Inknpaint only

  • Onion Skin available in the Checks menu

Xsheet & CASM

  • Quicktime .mov files saved in the preview window
  • Context-sensitive Edit introduced in xsheet
  • Unit system in XSHEET now supports mm and cm
  • New choices in the view menu in Camerastand
  • Reel Rock introduced when playing audio in xsheet; many other improvements introduced
  • Link to camera now possible in xsheet
  • You can now create your own Fx pop up when adding a UDIT or a Macro Fx (formerly: User Defined Transformations)
  • Dump Channel option is now available
  • Quickcasm highly improved on NT platforms
  • Quickcasm allows now two new visualization modes on Irix: 4 greytones and 16 greytones
  • RGBM Min and RGBM Max effects collapsed into one fx: RGBM Cut
  • Fade now replaced by RGB Fade
  • R Scale, G Scale, B Scale and M Scale collapsed into one fx : RGBM Scale
  • Scale X and Y collapsed into Scale
  • New FX: Local Blur, Invert, Local Transparency, HSV Scale, Gamma, Emboss, Radial and Linear Gradient, Directional Blur, Reflection, Color Tone, Duotone, RGB Key, HSL Key and HSV Key
  • External Palette, Warped, Matted-F, Matted-M and No Ink have been added to the Special effects list while maintaining their functionality.
  • Noink FX improved
  • The Backlit Fx improved
  • New option in the Transformation area: Remove unused channels
  • Transformation channel at glance
  • Reference levels introduced in Xsheet
  • N/S/E/W camera movements introduced
  • Television Safe Area option introduced in the camera stand
  • Extra Small cells visualization mode introduced
  • Arrow keys use introduced in camera stand
  • Toonz Educational aston now appearing in images rendered with educational software.
  • Shortcuts on the right mouse button to activate/deactivate columns in Camera Stand.
  • New “delay” function introduced
  • New “random” function introduced
  • New Zoom function in the camera stand
  • Autokeyframe added to override Set Keyframe
  • Hooks to choose and fix a point on a level.
  • Log file added in casm
  • New Gamma and Lineart options added to Casm
  • New functions added in expressions
  • New logical operations and Boolean operators added in expressions


  • New Lineart mode added
  • You can now set the gamma correction in Batches
  • Log capability introduced


  • 4096 colors visualization mode introduced (IRIX only)


  • Select button removed
  • Swap Channel
  • New option in the Convert menu: Lineart


  • New features and interface in the Toonzaudio module.

Merge Plt

  • Introduction of the Color Wheel

Toonz 4.6 New Features

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