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Toonz 4.6
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NEW in Toonz 4.6 General

Additional scanner support in native mode
Toonz 4.6 will directly support the following scanners: EPSON 10000+, EPSON 12000 and RIcoh IS 330 DC (color scanners).

Linux platform 7.2 and 7.3 support

Flash export from I&P will retain ink line color
Chosen ink line colors will now be preserved on TZP levels when exported to the Flash .swf file format.

Levels can be now enlarged in I&P
Canvas size of the drawn levels can be enlarged directly in InKnpaint.

Many new FXs added
Calligraphic, Artcontour, Tile, Blend TZ, Blend TZ, Blend RGB.

Clapboard now available
In Batches, you can now generate a clapboard that will extract information about Production, Scenes and Animator from Xsheet.

Inknpaint brush tools will now allow for alternate size settings


Vector Settings can now be saved in Setup
A new vector Settings folder has been added to the General page of the Setup module, where parameters can be chosen for the vectors used in Inknpaint and Xsheet.


Scanner environment automation for Windows2000
Windows2000 distribution will include a tool that automatically sets the scanners environment variables.

FlexLm 8.1 and Dallas dongles now supported


Avi file format support
Final renders can now be saved directly in AVI format; it is now possible to save Avi files from the preview window.

Codec Support for AVI and QuickTime formats
Whenever codec (compression mode) is installed on your computer, it will be accessible by Toonz for Avi/QuickTime output formats.

No Ink / No Paint FX improvement
This will offer use of an index range, making it convenient to select which ink, or paint color, to keep, or delete.

New FX: Blend TZ
This effect will give use of an index range that determines color blending choices.

New FX: Blend RGB
This effect will allow the user to blend a maximum of 8 different colors

New FX:Tile
You'll have the option of tiling or creating a pattern for an image that will always fill the camera shot.
Your tiled image can be moved with no limit, giving the user many new options. It would even include the creation of an infinite panning background, by simply tiling a slice of that bg.

New FX: Calligraphic
You'll have a choice to selectively increase the ink line thickness of TZ images, by setting index size, roughness and direction to control the thickening of the line.

New FX: Artcontour
This effect lets you take any image and apply it as a pattern to the inks of a TZ image.You'll quickly and easily be able to create a scattered brush or even hair and fur-like effect.

Mattedit access from within Xsheet now supported

Sound can move your animation!
The soundtrack can be used in Set/Change -- Expressions to drive channel values.This will give you the ease of having peg-bar motion driven by the rythm of the music or a narration cadence.

Last column used now easier to spot!
In the levels region of Xsheet, the last column used, now changes color, as it currently does for the last frame used.

Precision of numerical columns has been improved, and more decimal figures can be visualized


Multiple selection for pins and hooks offered

Pins and hooks can now be moved by using the keyboard arrows


Xsheet columns vectorized on the fly and exported
If the level has not been vectorized in Inknpaint, Xsheet will do the job.The user now has the option to vectorize the individual columns separately to export to Flash.


New capabilities for Multimedia mode
Multimedia -- Edge Aliasing button is now a choice in the Casm parameters page of the batches module.This gives you the option of aliasing just the edges of images rendered in Multimedia mode.

Download Toonz Brochure in PDF Format

Download Toonz Breakthrough Features brochure in PDF Format


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