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Toonz 4.6
Main Features
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Main Features
New features and improvements in Toonz 4.6. A description of the Toonz 4.6 modules.

Toonz is designed to simplify and speed up the animation production and includes tools for: importing original pencil drawings and adding changes when necessary; building color models; inking and painting; creating exposure sheets; compositing; creating special effects and recording the final images to video or film.

Among the several Toonz features we can mention:

  • Easy to learn: thanks to its friendly UI, Toonz allows the animators to become productive almost immediately.
  • Flexible database management tools to quickly and easily access your work.
  • Supporting directly a range of scanners, and any scanner via TWAIN drivers.
  • Multi center drawings scanning capability.
  • Autocenter tool to register the drawings after the automatic scanning session.
  • Mirror and Rotate options to handle shadows and large images.
  • Studio Palette to store your productions palettes; it can contain an unlimited number of colors.
  • File locking mechanism to protect levels being painted more than one inknpainter at the same time.
  • Matchlines feature to add shadow or highlight lines.
  • Patch tool to split the image into separate z-planes that can hide or reveal part of the level in Xsheet.
  • Pins option to animate and corner-pin textures and patterns.
  • Hooks to keep a character from skating or to track an image to a specific animated point of another image.
  • Wide range of FX available in Xsheet, with customizable presets.
  • Fast previews in full color matching exactly with the final render, and in b&w or greytones for quick animation tests.
  • Quick Time™ movie output available directly from within the exposure sheet.
  • Access to the Scan, Inknpaint, Pltedit and Flip modules from within Xsheet to follow an xsheet-driven production work flow.
  • Support for dual screen monitor (windows only).
  • Fast vectorization tool embedded in Inknpaint to produce Web-ready Toonz animated levels.
  • Rendered scene ready for the Web thanks to the output in the Flash .swf format.

Download Toonz Brochure in PDF Format

Download Toonz Breakthrough Features brochure in PDF Format


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