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Why should I choose Toonz?

Because Toonz is more than an ink and paint package, it is a complete production system.
Animation production is not just a question of inking and painting cels and then compositing them; there are many other steps in the production process and Toonz has a solution for all of them.
Need to import and manipulate a large color backgrounds or even gigantic animation drawings which don’t fit into your A3 scanner? – use Bgtiler.
Need to import and edit a stereo track? – use Toonzaudio.
Need a tool to manage the computer's unattended work? - use Batches.
Need to print on paper your image file with its field guide to register another animation? Or import images from other software packages? and close leaks on a whole level? - use Utilities.
These are just a few examples of the large variety of tools available in Toonz for addressing all the steps of the production process, because animation production is more than just inking and painting cels and then compositing them.

Well, I'm a traditional animator and I'm concerned about computers, cluttered interfaces and obscure menus...
You shouldn’t be, because Toonz is designed to emulate the traditional animation process, it has a familiar and straightforward user interface and makes the user comfortable from the very beginning.
Its powerful and intuitive environment is easy to learn. Traditional animators aren’t overwhelmed by complex command routines or unfriendly menus.
Toonz has a short learning curve: ink and paint takes one day to learn.

How does Toonz handle the original drawing style of the animator?
With Toonz, the traditional skills required for the animation such as pencil keys and in-betweens are still an integral part of the production process.
The original drawing style of the animator is integrally preserved by Toonz; the line integrity, such as the thickness, the thinness and the tapered qualities, is maintained.
Meanwhile, Toonz eliminates some of the more tedious aspects of animation, it provides filters for increasing or decreasing contrast, sharpening or smoothing lines and remove any undesirable effects from the scanned images.
Toonz also provides parameters for compensating differences in pencil line density from one drawing to another throughout the scene.

How many levels of animation can be loaded in Toonz?
An infinite number of levels can be loaded and used in Toonz.
The levels can be moved by linking them to the pegbars (you have up to 999 auxiliary pegbars), or by using reference points called hooks.
Note that several levels can be linked to the same pegbar.

What benefits will Toonz give to my productions?
Toonz will provide you with tools to accelerate and improve time-consuming tasks and will allow you to develop projects unachievable or simply too expensive when using traditional means, delivering superb final quality. Toonz extends the creative options: auto-balance of the level’s line density; superior palette editing tools and features; powerful automated tools in ink and paint; real-time multi-window animation flip book with onion skinning and zooms and pans hooking all the windows; overnight batch capability; audio support; unlimited number of xsheet levels; infinite number of pegs; animated palettes; Multiplane camera; mattes; motion paths and tons of special effects like transparency, backlit, motion blur, glows, shades.

Can Toonz handle Film projects?
Yes, Toonz is resolution independent and has been production proven in motion picture projects, therefore working on video or multimedia will be very FAST!
You can forget issues like DPI or pixels. Toonz automatically deals with them providing fresh unscaled images, whatever your output is: multimedia, video or film.
If you deal with gigantic resolutions; if you do not accept compromises on quality; if you push your creative contents to the edge of the technology and you must meet your deadlines, then you have to rely on a robust and comprehensive cel animation software package. If instead you deal with video or multimedia then you will feel comfortable knowing that Toonz has been sized to deal with film: smaller images mean faster processing so when working on video, Toonz will be really quick!

What can I expect in the future from Toonz?
New software packages and plug-ins are constantly being developed by Digital Video. We work closely with our customers listening to their needs and are constantly looking to provide new solutions to old problems and new tools to allow animators to do even more.
Here below you can find a list of some of our latest developments.

It provides a simple and powerful tool for doing the pencil test. It can be used independently from Toonz, but it is seamlessly integrated with all its production tools.
Toonz DS Plug-in
It gives you the possibility to work on a 2D animation directly in the Digital Studio post-production environment and to integrate 2D animation and/or live movies. It provides you with some of the Toonz classic modules and tools: Xsheet, Inknpaint, Camera Stand, Palette, Casm.
Scintillae - Particles & FX plug-in for Toonz
It implements a particles engine, to generate atmospherical effects, as well as a flock of birds, star fields, etc. It also provides a wide range of Special Effects to stylize the images with customizable pen strokes, add specific light and blur effects, distort images, light up a fire, etc.
Toonz Export Scene plug-in for Softimage|3D and Softimage|XSI
The plug-in reads from the scene created in the 3D software the movements of the camera, the objects and the changes of the camera field of view; then it computes the projections in the 2D environment.
The output of the plug-in is an .xsh file for the Xsheet module of Toonz.


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