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Toonz 4.6
Main Features
Production Workflow
Hardware Requirements
License Configuration
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What Toonz 4.6 offers you to manage any type of production.

How Toonz 4.6 features follow step by step the production pipeline.

Toonz 4.6 is a complete 2D Cel Animation software for feature films, video, commercials, multimedia and web animations.

Designed by traditional cel animation artists and producers Toonz precisely traces the steps of hand-drawn animation, giving you the familiar tools and process and all the efficiencies and options of a digitized medium.

Thanks to the wide range of supported input and output file formats, Toonz allows the users to share work with other studios without worrying about compatibility; moreover, its modular system approach allows them to tailor any combination of licenses to suit any production requirements.
Computers, OS and other devices that are required to use Toonz 4.6.

Different licenses at different prices allows you to perform all or only some specific tasks.

A history of previous Toonz versions.

Frequently asked questions about Toonz 4.6.


Download Toonz brochure in PDF format


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