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Particles Examples

The Particles engine is a powerful tool to simulate a wide range of phenomena, such as rain, snow, sparkles, smoke, etc..

You can use any image or animated level as particles controlling their source and attributes, the behavior of the environment affecting particles and the animation parameters.

The particles engine is completely customizable: thanks to the set of parameters available you can create not only weather phenomena, but also random configuration of elements, so that it’s easy to create a shining star field starting from one shining star, or a waving meadow starting from an animated blade of grass.

The Particles folder contains, by default, a series of presets ready to be used in a scene or as examples to better understand how to set the parameters for simulating some basic events.
The Particles engine changes a simple snowflake into a real snowfall. Just one single leaf level, made of four images, repeated several times to create an autumnal landscape.
One flying dragonfly used to make a threatening swarm. Differently animated birds used in a single Particles FX to create a flock.
One bubble drawing to create air coming from the submarine engines. Fire Particles used to simulate a lit fuse with the help of a suitable mask.
An animated growing leaf can be used in the Brushes FX on a naked tree to create a sprouting tree.  
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