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New in 1.1

Particles’color can be animated
A new "color" folder has been introduced to assign a color to particles and to animate it.

Particles can be now loaded from user's selected directory
This additional capability makes easier the user's life as it's no longer needed to copy all the particles to a specific directory.

Crowds, bird flocks and complex random animation is now much easier
You can now write into a file the list of the animation levels to be used by the particle system, so e.g. you might have at hand few levels of animated characters to build a crowd and the system will randomly generate it.

Trail feature included in Particle
Your particles can now leave a trail and you can decide its opacity, length, and step.

Impressionist: canvas folder added
In Canvas > BG color it is now possible to load from file a specific type of paper.

Impressionist: brushes can be loaded from any directory
Life is now easier when using brushes, as you do not have to remind to place the needed brush in "that" folder first.

Brushes Fx added: you can now animate your brushes
Animated and scalable brushes will enable you to an infinitive number of dramatically different visual effects.

Scripting capability added
Using predefined keywords into text files you are now enabled to decide start and end frames for an animation cycle and even to add holds.

Also available Scintillae version 1.0 is for Toonz version 4.4.

Download Scintillae 1.1 brochure in PDF format


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