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Main Features
Hardware Requirements
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Main Features
New features and enhancements in Scintillae 1.1.

Scintillae implements a particles engine and a wide new set of special effects for Toonz.

When the plug-in is installed, the Insert Fx window in the Xsheet module shows a new main fx folder called Scintillae, containing a folder for the Particles (with the default presets) and other folders to manage the advanced special effects.

Among the several Scintillæ features we can mention:

  • Windows 2000, NT, IRIX and Linux operating systems supported
  • Default presets defined to immediately realize the most common atmospherical effects
  • Particles layers totally integrated in the Toonz environment: they can be linked to the pegbars, trucked, rotated, scaled...
  • Several filter effects available to stylize the sequences
  • Advanced lighting and blur effects
  • Highly customizable interface
Examples of the particles that can be generated with Scintillae 1.1.

Examples of the special FX that can be applied with Scintillae 1.1.

Download Scintillae 1.1 brochure in PDF format


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