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Why is Scintillae different from the other particles generation systems?

Scintillae is the only plug-in available on the market with a particles engine that has been specifically designed for 2D animation. Besides, retaining all the power of any other particles system, it is very easy to use, enabling animators to produce complex effects with just a few clicks of the mouse, with an immediate visual feedback of the result.

To generate particles, do I need to deal with complex physical variables?

You don’t have to be a physicist to simulate the elements!
Scintillae has been designed keeping the user in mind, with the ease of use a must, and does not require a significant knowledge of physics, like all 3D particles packages.

How do I start creating particles FX?

Some FX presets, simulating basic events like rain, smoke, snow, are available as soon as you install the plug-in.
You can use them as they are, or as a starting point to create your own effect by changing some particles properties. So, you can look at them as examples to better understand how parameters are set to achieve the required result.

Will the snowfall effect I create be identical to that created by other animation studios?

You are the animator, so you can create your own images to be used as particles.
Any image format supported by Toonz is supported by the plug-in as well. You can use images or animated levels, in the latter case you can decide the type and the step of the animation.
You can also use more than one level, by listing all the images you require, in order to randomly assign different drawings to different particles.
Drawing your own particles, you can keep the look-and-feel of your animation, achieving an effect that will be unique to your project.

Does the particles only FX allow me to create atmospherical events like rain, snow etc?

No, you can create any random configuration of elements and animate it by defining particles parameters.
The simplest example could be the creation of a field of shining stars, starting from one single star; or an undulating meadow starting from one animated blade of grass.
More dramatic results can be achieved such as
a trail of smoke coming from a steam locomotive generated with an image of a blurred blob; or a flock of birds generated with some animated levels of different flying birds.

New Features in Scintillae version 1.1

Take a Look at Particles Examples

Take a Look at Scintillae FX Examples


Download Scintillae 1.1 brochure in PDF format


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