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Scintillae is the Particles & FX plug-in for Toonz 4.6. As the name suggests, the plug-in is composed by two main areas:

  • the Particles engine, to generate both realistic atmospherical effects, such as snow, rain, smoke and a multitude of objects, such as a herd of cows, a flock of birds, a star field...
  • the Special Effects to stylize the images with customizable pen strokes, add specific light and blur effects, distort the sequences, "light up" a fire...

Scintillae version 1.0 for Toonz version 4.4 is also available.

Particles and special FX available in Scintillae 1.1.

Computers, OS and Toonz versions that can be used with Scintillae 1.1.

Frequently asked questions about Scintillae 1.1.


Download Scintillae 1.1 brochure in PDF format


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