Digital Video offers an easy and efficient way of recruiting 2D graphics and animators all over the world.

If you are a Toonz operator and you want to submit your resume, provide with your name, address, a two-line description of your skills and a curriculum vitae. This CV will not appear directly in the web page, but those willing to consult it can visualize the corresponding document file in a separate browser window. Allow a couple of days to be able to find you resume on line.

If you are a Toonz user and you want to post a request for a Toonz operator, provide with the coordinates of your company and the description of the job for the open position; either you can also refer to the list of the available resumes here below. Click on the name of your interest to view the relevant curriculum vitae.



No Available Positions at the moment


Available Resumes

  • Marion Crepel
    Vivant à Paris, + de 10 ans d'expérience sur le logiciel Toonz.

    Formatrice et compositing en France, Italie, Tunisie.
    Longs-métrages, série tv, pubs, clips, etc.

    (posted: August 31, 2009)