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Today, producing films in cyberspace is not only a possibility, but an opportunity that has yet to realize its fullest potential.
Cynthia and Geoff Wells, founders of The Digital Theater Group, have produced, with Toonz software, the traditionally animated film "The Shadow of Doubt" using online technology.

Talullah, running from the ghosts in her head, in The Shadow of Doubt.
© Digital Theater Group, 2001.

Contrary to many traditional studios, Geoff and Cynthia are convinced that, taking advantage of the scope and the highly distributive nature of the Internet, one can get the same amount of work done, of equal or better quality, in less time and with better economics.

© Digital Theater Group, 2001.

The moment before she begins to sing into the microphone, Talullah reviews her life as a Jazz singer. Through her memory, we see her return to the Paris club where she got her break years before. While looking into her dressing room mirror before her curtain call, she thinks about the club owner, who was once a great musician himself. He is now content to run his Jazz club in Paris and serve drinks from behind the bar. This feeds her own doubt about her success and what it has done to her art. She remembers how ghostly doubts haunt her when she sees herself in the mirror. But her strength carries her through her dark thoughts and she sings for the crowd who first applauded her.

A café scene from The Shadow of Doubt. © Digital Theater Group, 2001.

The Digital Theater Group

The producing team of Cynthia Wells and Geoff Wells is a unique collaboration of art and science, audio and visual talents, and business and intuition. They have produced this film entirely at their home in Los Angeles, CA - on their own budget.

Cynthia, the director on the film, has over 80 animation and directing credits in commercials, shorts, documentaries and feature film.
Before "The Shadow of Doubt" , she made Interview with Talullah, Queen of the Universe, a satiric docu-drama with the same protagonist that garnered her two Annie Award nominations. She directed the animation sequences in the Academy Award nominated feature documentary, A Sense of Life, and was supervising animator on Once Upon a Forest and The Thief and the Cobbler. She has also worked as an animator on such features as Anastasia, Space Jam and The Quest for Camelot.

Co-producer Geoff Wells, using his creative background and technical experience in "The Shadow of Doubt", has written the screenplay, edited the sound and film on home computers, has written the lyrics of the song and produced it with composer Steve Orich.

Credits: "The Shadow of Doubt"
Produced by Geoff and Cynthia Wells (The Digital Theater Group)
Directed and Animated by Cynthia Wells.
Written and Edited by Geoff Wells.
Original Music by Steve Orich.
Production/Character Design Cynthia Wells.
Art Direction Donna Prince.
Voice overs Deborah Pearl, Eugene Rubenzer.

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