Shortly after September 11th, 2001, Robert Pope and John Ryan opened their new animation studio in Atlanta: DAGNABIT!

To make a long story short, John and Robert worked together as animation directors for several years at Click 3X (and DESIGNefx before that), where they used Toonz for the productions and we are happy to say that they are continuing to do so in their new adventure together at DAGNABIT!

Glimmer © Dagnabit!

We are glad to present, on our website, some of their works done with Toonz. For further information and a complete overview you can go directly to the source ... www.dagnabit.tv.

Here below is a quick preview of the individual pieces they made, the works are really amazing!

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© Dagnabit!
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Their latest spot created for the National Black Arts Festival "SOUL".

Click here for the spot press release (DOC format).

Glimmer © Dagnabit!
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Scanned ink drawings were painted in Toonz using rect fill for very line intensive graphic look with matted layers of water color washes and painterly fills applied to give an overall quality of rich hand-painted texture. The final five minute film has the appearance of a stained glass window come to life.

© Dagnabit!
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The colored outline feature helped give the rough conte crayon drawing quality to the simple animation in this spot for Storehouse furniture. Adding animals and housepets throughout the sopt warmed up the feel of rooms tastefully appointed with furniture.
Custom fills were employed to finish each painting ina charming watercolor illustration style.

© Dagnabit!
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This 30 second has been made for a charity for children, and was produced in Toonz, which allowed for great flexibility in creating timely approval points for the client. The pencil test synched to audio was output as a quicktime and posted on the extranet for client input. Watercolor washes were sampled as fills to create a hand painted feel.

As additional information, the studio is specialized in short-form animation, mostly 30-second television commercials. DAGNABIT! provides cel animation, design and production of hand-drawn traditional cel animation (though utilizing digital technology in the process).

Digital Video wishes them good luck for their new adventure!!!

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