Toonz 4.6 Product Line - License Configuration

Toonz 4.6

Toonz 4.6 provides different license configurations, that allow you to use specific sets of modules, that satisfy the needs of specific departments.

In this way you can avoid bottlenecks and save money at the same time.

  • Studio > All the modules are enabled
  • Studio TV > All the modules are enabled, but the output resolution is locked to PAL/NTSC
  • Camera & Render > All the modules are enabled but Ink & Paint
  • Scan & Cleanup > Only the scanning and cleaning up procedures are possible
  • Ink & Paint > You can scan, cleanup and paint the images. The Preview window and the vectorization tool in Inknpaint are enabled
  • Ink & Paint Light > Only the painting process can be performed
  • Render Only > Only the modules to render the final images are enabled


LineTest is available in two versions.

  • LineTest 3.0 >The latest version, with a load of new features
  • LineTest 2.0 >Available for personal use


Scintillae - Particles and FX plug-in for Toonz - is available in two different versions related to the Toonz version you have.

  • Scintillae 1.1 > Plug-in for Toonz 4.5 and Toonz 4.6
  • Scintillae 1.0 > Plug-in for Toonz 4.4

Toonz 3D Export

Toonz 3D Export is available in two different versions related to the software package you have.

  • Plug-in for Softimage|XSI version 1.5.x and 2.0.x
  • Plug-in for Softimage|3D version 3.8 and 3.9